Sunday, October 10, 2010

Steampunk, Lightning Gun

WorldWorks Games has come out with a pretty cool steam punk paper gun known as the Lightning Gun. I haven't done many paper terrain models, but this looked very interesting.

The paper terrain gun retails for $10.  This could be something cool for Halloween.

WorldWorks Games has partnered with New York Times best selling authors Tracy & Laura Hickman (DragonLance, Death Gate and Ravenloft adventure settings), to bring you an exciting new line of gaming products. The Lightning Gun takes inspiration from the upcoming The Lakota Dragons War game setting and book series. This unique re-imagining of the struggle for the American West, pits the technologically superior Airships and Ornithopers of the U.S. Air Cavalry against the dragon-riding native Lakota Warriors.

Download our FREE backstory and instruction manual for the Lightning Gun & The Lakota Dragon Wars for a preview right now:

The Lightning Gun includes all of the following:

* Lightning Gun back story
* Fully illustrated instructions
* Graphic templates
* Certificate of ownership
* Wall mount with optional feet
* Complete GSD compatibility (for automated craft cutters).

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