Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fiendish Fabrications, SteamPulp

Fiendish Fabrications is working on a new game called SteamPulp.

What is SteamPulp? 
SteamPulp will be a skirmish level game of adventure set in the era of steam. Where steam-power drives industry, arcane powers are at work in dark places, the dead don’t always rest in peace and a bold captain can lead their crew on fantastic ventures in search of booty and infamy. Adventure awaits and SteamPulp will take you on that journey. With your courage, your wits and a loyal crew, on land, sea or air, you can carve a name for yourself that will go down in the annals with the great adventurers.

SteamPulp is currently being developed and it will involve some of our current Gothic Miniatures as well as a whole new range made specifically for the game. SteamPulp will be game of  narrative based, character driven adventures where you can use the cast of characters detailed in the rules whilst also having the chance to create and develop your own characters using a unique Character Generation System.

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