Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fiendish Fabrications, Clockwork Bases

Here are some really cool bases by Fiendish Fabrications.  You can purchase either the standard type bases or the round lip bases.

Fiendish Fabrications are glad to announce the return of their popular Solid Earth, Clockwork Bases now in the Round Shoulder style.
We took these bases of the market for a while in order to re-model and repackage them. The result is a more streamlined look with some new designs mixed with some of our originals. Like our other recent base sets these new Clockwork babies come in three sets:
  • Set 1 with 6x30mm bases,
  • Set 2 with 2x40mm bases and 1x50mm base
  • Set 3 which a combination of sets 1 & 2.

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